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Flood Victims Incur Short- and Long-term Health Risks

The flood is over, but health problems may continue for months. Contaminated flood waters are a toxic mix of waste, toxic chemicals, sewage, and trash

How to Protect Your Pet in a Flood

Flood waters present a mountain of obstacles for pet owners. Protecting your pet during a storm requires quick thinking and planning to ensure a famil

Protect Your Home with Flood Planning

Often flood events happen fast. In unexpected weather emergencies, waters can rise in a matter of minutes. The only way to protect your home and belon

How Protect Yourself from Experiencing a Flood

Acts of God are hard to avoid, if you happen to live in the path of an extreme weather event. However, understanding the types of floods that occur ca

Predicting Floods Can Save Lives

Predicting flooding is the fist step to warning residents to evacuate in case of a flood emergency. Researchers are analyzing rivers and streams for h