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Managing a Flood Aftermath

People get different emotions during and following a tragedy or traumatic incident like a devastating flood. These individuals could include those who survived the flood, emergency responders, cleanup personnel, kin, and loved ones who reside beyond the

Floods And Body Augmentation

On the surface there may not be a clear connection between home floods and body augmentation. However, if someone is dealing with both at the same time it can be a significant financial strain. It is common

Decorating A Once Flooded Home

When a person has their home damaged by flooding it can be devastating. There will often have to be an extensive amount of repairs made. A flooded house constitutes a significant financial hit. Time has to be

Understanding Different Types Of Floods

Floods can be devastating and there are different types. While they all have many things in common, they each have individual causes. Flash Floods There are a lot of people that have a property with a creek

Flood Disaster Kit

Preparing a flood disaster kit should be a priority for everyone regardless of location. Most of the kit items can also be used for other natural disasters. Every piece of kit should be of acceptable quality and

EU Provides Humanitarian Aid Worldwide

The European Union provides aid to flood victims across the globe. The EU Commission gives support to 120 million people who experience conflict and n

Flood Victims Incur Short- and Long-term Health Risks

The flood is over, but health problems may continue for months. Contaminated flood waters are a toxic mix of waste, toxic chemicals, sewage, and trash

Understand the Stages of Flood Damage

If you're experiencing water damage in your home or business due to a flood, the first 24 hours after the incident are crucial to preventing more seri

National Infrastructure Commission

NIC analyzes variables that affect the UK's infrastructure. The Commission reviews requirements, making recommendations to the government to help UK r

European Commission Flood Directive

The European Commission manages risks associated with floods, including life, economic, environmental, and cultural losses. In 2007, the commission e