Understand the Stages of Flood Damage

If you’re experiencing water damage in your home or business due to a flood, the first 24 hours after the incident are crucial to preventing more serious damage in the future. Quick response and clean up will help keep damage to a minimum. Failure to correct flood and water damage will result in costly repairs, because water damage gets worse every day the waters are not removed.

24 hours

During the first day, flood waters saturate a building, causing minor damage and discoloration to drapes, rugs, and furniture. Documents and important papers are permanently damaged. Wood, furniture, and other household items swell. Metal items tarnish and the home fills with bacteria and odors.

7 days

During the first week, things are getting more serious. Microbial organisms give rise to mildew and mold. Drywall is permanently damaged. Indoor element swell and warp. Metals rust. The air quality is unhealthy and unsafe for humans. Beyond the first week, finishes are destroyed and there is a significant rise in restoration and repair costs.

The sooner that you clean and sanitize after a flood the better. Over time, water causes more severe damage to personal property and damage to the structure and foundation of the home.