Disaster Aid Responds to Global Emergencies

Rotary International’s Disaster Aid groups help people around the globe with support when they’ve lost everything to a natural disaster. From 1975 to 2002, Rotary sent more than 30,000 emergency relief boxes to help victims of unexpected catastrophes. In 1971, the Rotary leadership approved distribution of a Rotary box, filled with new and used essentials for disaster victims. By 2002, the organization coined the term, LIfeBox for the emergency supply boxes that by that time were filled with a standard collection of new items meant to meet the needs of recipients and pass customs inspections on the way to worldwide destinations. By 2010, several Rotary disaster relief organizations joined forces, founding an international Disaster Aid organization.

Rotary club members manage the global aid organization in each country. Globally, Rotary clubs support the disaster aid in specific areas with donations. Since 1905, Rotary International has grown into the largest service organization, boasting more than 1.2 million participants in 200 countries worldwide. Club participants volunteer time to worthy projects, giving support and assistance to those in need. By pooling global resources, Rotary is essential to combating the problems victims of natural disaster experience across the globe.