Flood Disaster Kit

Preparing a flood disaster kit should be a priority for everyone regardless of location. Most of the kit items can also be used for other natural disasters. Every piece of kit should be of acceptable quality and have as many uses as possible. Here are some suggestions of what to pack.

Food and Water

A common misconception is that lots of rain and a flood means plenty of water to drink. However, the water is usually contaminated. Pack plenty of bottled water, a water filter, and iodine tincture to treat water in flood conditions.

Select food that can be eaten on the run, such as nuts, protein bars, chocolate, beef jerky, and other snacks. Pack a simple camping stove for cooking foods like couscous, soup, noodles, rice, tea, and coffee.

Communication and Navigation

A radio, compass, phone, maps, and GPS should be packed for communication and help find your way if you are lost. A torch and candles should also be packed for dark nights.

Fire, Shelter, and Clothing

Fire is essential for warmth, boiling water, and keeping bugs or animals away. A pack should contain a lighter, wax matches, and a fire rod.

A waterproof tent, large rain poncho, tarp, and emergency blanket should provide cover from the rain,

Consider clothing for a range of conditions. Comfortable shoes, rubber boots, waterproof socks, rain trousers, raincoats, jackets, and easy to wash clothing are essential.

Toiletries and First Aid Kit

Toiletries should be small, and towels should be quick dry. Sanitizer, moisture wipes, and hygiene items should take precedence.

A first aid kit with medicines for stomach problems and other medical issues should be packed. Foot care is critical as trench foot is a real possibility in rainy conditions.

Other Items

A knife and multitool for cutting are essential. Cooking utensils, cups, paper plates, knives, forks, and a small pot should be added. A rope and a fishing kit will also increase survival rates.

Essential household items such as insurance papers, keys, money, and wallets should be stored in a sealed waterproof container for safekeeping.

A flood kit will save lives and will increase people’s chances of survival.