National Infrastructure Commission

NIC analyzes variables that affect the UK’s infrastructure. The Commission reviews requirements, making recommendations to the government to help UK residents to have a better quality of life. The commission concludes that climate change may severely affect more than 1 million homeowners and 5 million properties at risk of experiencing a flood. It recommends a more proactive approach to flooding, as current policies tend to lean toward reactive measures.

By recommending capital expenditures for flood risk, the NIC is adopting an aggressive strategy that encourages government agencies to adopt flood standards that mitigate long-term flood impacts, including death and property destruction. According to the NIC assessment, the UK must triple the current investment to help deal with the devastating impact of flood destruction.

According to the agency’s report, resilience to floods requires a long-term strategy. By implementing a 25-year plan and a funding commitment, the UK may manage flood risks locally, develop a plan for flood defense along coastal shorelines, and assess ways to develop surface water drainage. Ideally, combining flood and water management offers benefits, allowing authorities to coordinate planning to ensure strategic improvements to current UK flood policies/