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Flood Victims Incur Short- and Long-term Health Risks

The flood is over, but health problems may continue for months. Contaminated flood waters are a toxic mix of waste, toxic chemicals, sewage, and trash

Understand the Stages of Flood Damage

If you're experiencing water damage in your home or business due to a flood, the first 24 hours after the incident are crucial to preventing more seri

National Infrastructure Commission

NIC analyzes variables that affect the UK's infrastructure. The Commission reviews requirements, making recommendations to the government to help UK r

European Commission Flood Directive

The European Commission manages risks associated with floods, including life, economic, environmental, and cultural losses. In 2007, the commission e

How to Protect Your Pet in a Flood

Flood waters present a mountain of obstacles for pet owners. Protecting your pet during a storm requires quick thinking and planning to ensure a famil

Protect Your Home with Flood Planning

Often flood events happen fast. In unexpected weather emergencies, waters can rise in a matter of minutes. The only way to protect your home and belon

Does Home and Auto Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Insurance is an owner's first line of defense against high costs from flood damage. You'll want to make sure that you're covered in case of an unexpec

EU Flood Costs May Quadruple by 2050

Increasing flood defenses may save the EU money over time. Extreme events like floods hit interdependent regions simultaneously, causing devastating f

Strategies to Prepare and Respond to Floods

Floods are not uncommon in the United Kingdom, with severe floods affecting various parts of the country. In November 2016, the government put 1200 troops on a 24-hour standby to help deal with flooding, including assisting those

Flood Response Checklist

Unexpected floods from rising tides, plumbing mishaps, or severe weather events often come as a surprise to homeowners who don't know what to do. When